ince disasters affect people, much of the planning centres around the welfare of community members. People forced to evacuate their homes on short notice may be in need of safe, temporary lodging and other emergency support services (ESS) as mentioned in the prerequisite courses.

Commercial accommodations, private homes, and facilities adapted to group lodging (GL) are all potential lodging resources. While commercial accommodations are generally the preferred choice for meeting people’s lodging needs, the impact of a disaster, the resources within the community, and/or policy may necessitate the opening of facilities that can house large numbers of evacuees. This safe place provided as short-term shelter for evacuees is called group lodging.

  • Description of Learning Materials

    Learn how to adapt facilities to shelter style accommodation for people displaced from their homes during a disaster. These learning materials cover the fundamentals for ESS responders who may be called upon to work in or support the activities at a group lodging facility.

  • Learning Goal

    The purpose of this course is to prepare ESS responders for working in local facilities designated as group lodging facilities.

  • Learning Outcomes

    After you finish reviewing all of these learning materials, you will be able to:

    • Describe the services provided in group lodging
    • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the functions in group lodging
    • Outline how to set-up and work in group lodging
  • Prerequisites

    The prerequisite for these learning materials is:

  • Recommended Materials

  • It is recommended that the following be reviewed prior to participating in these learning materials:


These learning materials may be used in conjunction with the Group Lodging Operational Guidelines (GLOG) and ESS Field Guide as references at the group lodging facility
Check out the Resources page under 'Tools' for the links to the GLOG and ESS Field Guide

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